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Timeline for All Rise

All Rise is a courthouse drama that follows the chaotic, hopeful and sometimes absurd lives of its judges, prosecutors and public defenders, as they work with bailiffs, clerks and cops to get justice for the people of Los Angeles amidst a flawed legal process. Among them is newly appointed Judge Lola Carmichael, a highly regarded and impressive deputy district attorney who doesn't intend to sit back on the bench in her new role, but instead leans in, immediately pushing the boundaries and challenging the expectations of what a judge can be.

02/18/2020 02/11/2020 02/04/2020 01/21/2020 01/07/2020 12/17/2019 12/11/2019 12/10/2019 11/26/2019 11/19/2019 11/05/2019 10/31/2019 10/29/2019 10/22/2019 10/15/2019 10/08/2019 10/01/2019 09/30/2019

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