Migrate your old showRSS account

Once you complete your account migration, your old showRSS account will be deactivated. This change can be undone later, by visiting this page while logged in to your migrated account. Before starting your migration towards the new showRSS, please bear in mind that some things have changed, and you must also take some things into consideration.

  • Transmission Push is no longer available. This was only used by a small number of users and did not scale. Sorry. Please use an alternative setup where possible (Catch, Flexget etc). Other clients also support RSS out of the box, such as qBittorrent.
  • Some TV shows are not available on the new showRSS. These will be shown in detail on the next page. You will need to add those shows manually to your list when they become available again (in most cases, that will happen when they are within season again).
  • All your feed addresses will need to be updated, but just once. The old feeds will stop working once you complete your account migration. You will not need to update your feeds again when the new showRSS replaces the old showRSS entirely, however.
  • The main features of showRSS are now more reliable, and are easier to use than ever. Enjoy more shows, better accuracy and new mechanisms to request new shows with just a click. Welcome to the new showRSS!
  • After you migrate, please remember to edit your profile settings, and add a recovery email address for your convenience. If you added a recovery email on the old showRSS, it will not be migrated.