Help and frequently asked questions

What is showRSS?

showRSS is a tool that makes it easier for people to track ongoing TV shows. Create a free account, pick your preferred shows and generate a feed link that you can then subscribe to. And because some torrent clients support subscriptions, you can easily automate your setup by just plugging your personal feed.

Are there any recommended clients?

If you're on Mac, then Catch coupled together with Transmission is a widely used solution. Other proven solutions include cloud-based clients such as, useful if you want to avoid downloading torrents with your own connection, or open-source, cross-platform clients such as qBittorrent, which bundles the RSS functionality as well as useful features such as remote management. You can also use a regular feed reader. Please note that very often Firefox has issues reading feeds that contain magnets, and shows an empty feed.

What is a magnet link?

You can read more about magnet links in Wikipedia. In short, it's a way for you to download torrents without the need to download a torrent file first. This is the preferred way to of using torrents, as the old torrent files are now disappearing.

How can I request a specific show?

If you want to request a show, please log in and head over to the "Request a show" area. There, you will find shows that have been "noticed" in the recent days by the system, but have not yet made it to the show list, as it is ultimately a manual process. If a request you make on that area is accepted, it will automatically be added to your show list. If you want a show that is not on the list, please know that it will most likely not be possible to add it.

Why does the password reset work but my new password does not?

Please not that very often your username will be different from your password recovery email address. To log in again with your new password you will need to enter your correct username. For your convenience, the username is stated in the email you will receive when requesting a password reset.

Which types of releases are available?

You can obtain standard-definition and high-definition releases. Please note that high-definition releases are 720p. Support for 1080p is planned and will be made available during the year 2017, as the number of trusted sources increases.

What does PROPER, REPACK mean?

These releases are "special" releases that are usually intended to replace previous releases that are defective: these defective releases might have not include some content, the audio might be out of sync or the quality might be inferior to what is expected. Most of the time, however, the differences are minor. Sometimes, these defective releases do not make it to showRSS, but a PROPER or REPACK does.

What are filters or per-show settings?

By default, all releases for a selected show are shown under the "Your shows" web page, and also on your personal RSS feed. However, you can set filters for each show, so that for example, one show is filtered to show only HD releases and another one is limited to just SD releases. There is a button ("Use my filters") on your timeline page so that you can choose whether these filters should be applied when viewing it. These filters are also applied by default on your feed. However, you have the possibility of obtaining a special feed address where these settings are overridden.

What is the level of privacy and security you provide?

We avoid tracking users and storing unnecessary logs. We also make email addresses optional at signup time. All passwords are stored with a strong one-way hash encryption. SSL is available on all sections of our webpage, optionally — just replace "http" with "https" on the web address.

How can I contact you?

Please note that we most likely won't be able to answer support requests for problems with a specific setup. If you want a specific show, please use the request section. You can contact us on Twitter and via email, by writing us to showrss at If you lost access to your account and do not have access, and the account has already been migrated to the new showRSS, then please make sure to include as much information as possible (when did you sign up, your feed address, your username…).

Credit where due

The main data sources are: RARBG (thanks!), ETTV, VTV and TvTeam. This app has been built using Laravel and Bootstrap. Theme provided by Bootswatch. A big, fat, huge thank-you to all those who contribute every single day to make it possible to run this free service. And a special mention to the ones that have contributed with their resources and time, by building apps, hosting mirrors and contributing in many other different ways.