Migrating to the new showRSS

Now that the old showRSS has been finally and officially shut down, some questions are arising among users… And here's some responses for them:

  • Catch for Mac won't work: update to the new one available on GitHub. Use Catch 1.6 if you are running 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mountain Lion or 10.9 Mavericks. Use Catch 1.5 if you are running an older version of OS X.
  • My feed looks empty: that happens only if you look at the feed in Firefox. The browser is lying to you. It's because it has magnets in it. Use a feed without magnets, or add it directly into a client or program that supports feeds with magnets.
  • I've got some URL error when using the new feed: you're probably using a client that has trouble handling feeds with magnets, such as Vuze. Use non-magnet feeds, or switch to a different client (such as uTorrent, or put.io that handles magnet links correctly).
  • Downloaded items come in folders: read the F.A.Q. here and this community post for more information. Short answer is: it's going to be like that. It's the price to pay for faster, better releases, more variety and quality.
  • I can't remember my password: If your browser used to remember it, you can still find it. You can do this in Firefox and in Chrome. If you still don't remember it, refer to the F.A.Q. to see how to request a password reset.
That's pretty much it. If you've got any other questions arising with the change, post them here and we'll try to solve them!
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I have a rss-feed filter for my shows so that they auto-download. It did work until now. Whenever a new shows shows up in my feed, it won't auto-download! I re-checked everything in my filters and everything seems ok (i only have 1 feed).
I already migrated to the new showRSS and set my filters to my new feed.
Not only are all the feed pages empty, uTorrent shows no updates to any of my feeds for the past two weeks, and I just updated to the latest version to make sure this wasn't just because my software was out of date.

What client actually works?
1.5 still gives me a failed error on 10.6.8
The problem seems to be in de show titles in the feeds. It is now missing the various format specifications. Therefor, if you set things like HDTV, HR.HDTV in the quality drop down in uTorrent, it no longer works.

Another downside is that other quality specifications are missing from a shows name, like WEBRip... I don't like to get WEBRips, zo I put that as a filter in the Not field, but it is ignored, since the showrss is no longer including this.

Can you please leave all those quality and source specifiers in the show name?
One of my Vuze plugins (RSS Feed Scanner) doesn't want to download with showRSS, because the magnet links have the h33t tracker at the end (which has been dead for a while).

Fix plz? Removing h33t or changing its place to *not last* will do.
Couple of new shows started this week. Still no sign of them on here. Consider this a request to add:
True Detective
Would it be possible to set up one or two new RSS feeds?

1. Newly Added Shows - whenever you add shows to the site, add all episodes of the show from S01E01 to the show that aired at the time you added it. Think of it as a "show discovery feed" - people can subscribe to it to see what the new offerings are and, if they like them, can add them to their personal feed.

2. Orphaned Shows - a feed of shows that aren't in the shows listing but that your systems discover automatically. Good for finding new shows.

They kind of overlap, but I think you see what I'm interested in. One thing I loved about your old feed was discovering new shows as they downloaded, as I just slurped in everything you had and then tossed up local filters for the ones I didn't like.

Thank you for your service!
Any chance of adding:
True Detective
Agree with Gensplejs + Enlisted
+1 for True Detective
+1 for True Detective for me too
Could you add:

Cedar Cove
The Americans
The Glades
The Voice
Zero Hour

Sorry, I see Scandal. The Americans, The Voice & Zero Hour are there. Bad eye day. My mistake.
Can you add OCC orange county choppers
can you add "Off the Hook: Extreme Catches"
Catch 1.4 does not support the new feed, and Catch 1.5 does not run on PowerPC Macs, so my trusty Mac Mini G4 running 10.5.8 (which is the latest OS version that it supports) is left out in the cold.

Any chance of updating Catch 1.4 to be able to support the new feed?
Looking at the xml data, I see that under item, guid is not properly terminated. You have the following:
<guid isPermaLInk="false"/>

I'm not an xml guru...but, I always thought everything was terminated?
@PsyberWolf are you sure it's not just your xml parser / rss client / browser doing nasty things?

P.S: a <element /> is valid termination, stands for <element></element> in markup
Just checking to make sure on the XML side. I'm working on writing a component for Delphi and wanted to confirm this.

Thank you!
please add: "Silicon Valley"
Had catch 1.6 working fine. upgraded to mavericks and now feeds are invalid, even with magnets, namespaces and raw checked off.
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